“A playful card game that helps people to connect with each other by stimulating values-led conversations.”

A playful card game that connects people through values-led conversation

Why and How

Our ValuesJam ambition is to create greater harmony all over the world – the ValuesJammer band inspiring one million values-led conversations with our playful card game.

We all have values (things that are important to us) – they guide our choices, decisions and actions and when we live our values every day we are at our best. Some people have greater awareness of and live their values more than others and values-led reflection or conversations help us to understand ourselves and other people.

Connection + Understanding + Relationships = Harmony.

“Strong harmonies are made from different voices working together.” Lisa Birtles

Our inspiration


The ValuesJam card game is inspired by jamming in music (where musicians come together spontaneously and play without rehearsal) because many of the same characteristics are shared: when we play ValuesJam we find ourselves deeply present, connected and trusting, being curious and experimental without judging, giving our fellow ValuesJammers space and respect – in other words we find a unique new rhythm and magical, unpredictable results happen as we create something unique together which can never be repeated.

Our Values

This is our essence along with some brilliant accompanying quotes:



We enjoy keeping it simple and being playful – anything goes, give it a try.

“When the fun gets deep enough, it can heal the world.” the Oaqui



We find a way for everyone to join in – no one is left out.

“When everyone is included, everyone wins.” – Jesse Jackson



We treat people as they would like to be treated.

“Respect is how to treat everyone.” – Richard Branson



We seek to understand by asking questions.

“The art of conversation lies in listening.” Malcolm Forbes



We are curious for new insights and reflections to help us grow.

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.” – B.B. King

Join us to create greater harmony all over the world.  You will receive your ValuesJam card deck/s and your unique ValuesJammer ID certificate (not to be confused with a vaccination certificate!)

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“ValuesJam cards will be a fun and impactful tool for those wanting to: expand their understanding of “self” and “other;” build bridges and increase collaboration; explore their personal and company values; and deepen relationships.”

“What an incredibly powerful and fun way to disrupt the mundane way we usually see, think and talk about values.”

“A great way for employees to feel a sense of belonging to the whole organization and connection with each other, irrespective of geography.”