Creating harmony all over the world by inspiring one million values-led conversations

Our inspiration

The ValuesJam card game is inspired by jamming in music (where musicians come together spontaneously and play without rehearsal) because many of the same characteristics are shared: when we play ValuesJam we find ourselves deeply present, connected and trusting, being curious and experimental without judging, giving our fellow ValuesJammers space and respect – in other words we find a unique new rhythm and magical, unpredictable results happen as we create something unique together which can never be repeated.

We care deeply about harmony.  Harmony in this context is inspired by musical harmony. The strongest musical harmonies are made from different voices and tones coming together as a perfect blend to create something very strong and powerful.  

A playful card game that connects people through values-led conversation

Our Why

Our ValuesJam ambition is to create greater harmony all over the world – the ValuesJammer band inspiring one million values-led conversations with our playful card game.

We all have values (things that are important to us) – they guide our choices, decisions and actions and when we live our values every day we are at our best. Some people have greater awareness of and live their values more than others and values-led reflection or conversations help us to understand ourselves and other people.

Connection + Understanding + Relationships = Harmony.

“Strong harmonies are made from different voices working together.” Lisa Birtles

Our Values

We couldn’t create a Values card deck without sharing what is important to us.  This is our essence along with some brilliant accompanying quotes:


We enjoy keeping it simple and being playful – anything goes, give it a try.


We find a way for everyone to join in – no one is left out.


We treat people as they would like to be treated.


We seek to understand by asking questions.


We are curious for new insights and reflections to help us grow.

“When the fun gets deep enough, it can heal the world.”

The Oaqui

“When everyone is included, everyone wins.”


Jesse Jackson

“Respect is how to treat everyone.”

Richard Branson

“The art of conversation lies in listening.”

Malcolm Forbes

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”

B.B. King

Join us to create greater harmony all over the world.  You will receive your ValuesJam card deck/s and your unique ValuesJammer ID certificate (not to be confused with a vaccination certificate!)

ValuesJam – The Back Story

Hi, Alan Williams and Lisa Birtles created the playful ValuesJam card game to create harmony all over the world by inspiring one million values-led conversations with the ValuesJammer community and ValuesJam decks.

Here’s a bit about Alan’s values, professional and personal life. The ValuesJam project has played to his values strongly from the beginning. We formed the band, ValuesJam Ltd in May 2021 and the ValuesJam card game officially launched on 1 October 2021 to welcome the month of World Values Day celebrations. In 2022, Lisa then decided to pursue her solo career and Alan took the lead with support in the ValuesJam studios from Cal, Sara, Anelise and Orla. In January 2023, ValuesJam was taken under the wing of Alan’s company SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL Ltd.

We use bitmojis rather than the usual head-shots because we think these are a bit more fun. They also represent the virtual & digital nature of the ValuesJam band and many ValuesJammers are yet to meet in person.

If you want to check out a more corporate profile, please head over to LinkedIn!

Alan Williams Co-Founder,

ValuesJam Ltd

Hi, I’m Alan Williams

My core values are:

  • Excellence – Doing things so well that people take personal pride in their involvement, and it receives admiration from others
  • Creation – Fresh thinking and relationships to create value
  • Enjoyment – Remembering how privileged I am do be doing whatever it is
  • Fairness – Open, honest, doing what you say and finding a win-win
  • Adaptability – Agile adjustment to changing circumstances

I became interested in values back in 2002 when I was looking to help organisations close the gap between what they said they stood for and how they behaved in practice. The outcome was my award winning 31Practices approach and toolkit followed by 3 further books (my equivalent of albums)! My signature tune is that “Values are for living not laminating”.

Since then I have worked with progressive leaders in 34 different countries to help them deliver values driven service for sustained performance, founded the not-for-profit UK & Global Values Alliances, and helped to create and grow the World Values Day movement. It’s been quite a tour!

I’ve come to realise that a strong sense of values has been with me all along since an early age: from being distraught when a teacher did not believe what I said (Fairness) to producing a highly detailed weather chart at Scouts (Excellence).

Values have been guiding my personal and professional choices ever since.

Music has been an important part of my life since being introduced to artists legends such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and others as a teenager.

Since then I have enjoyed many live gigs and Red Hot Chill Peppers, Kasabian, Muse, Rolling Stones, David Bowie make it into my top 5. I was even at the last free Glastonbury festival when there were only a few hundred people there!

I live in southeast London, have four wonderful grown up children and a grandson. I enjoy photography, watching sport, especially Manchester United, travelling to experience different cultures and good food and wine. Oh, and unlike my bitmoji, I never wear sunglasses!