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1st April

April Fools’ Day

7th April

Good Friday

9th April

Easter Sunday

10th April

Easter Monday

Thursday 20th April

PROTECTION of the ENVIRONMENT ValuesJam Deepdive conversation

22nd April

National Earth Day

23rd April

National Shakespeare Day

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It is two years ago this month that co-founders Alan Williams and Lisa Birtles received the first ValuesJam design concepts. A lot has happened since then.


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Values Jammer in the Spotlight

Sujata Sabharwal

Who are you?

I am Sujata Sabharwal and I am one of the Founder / Directors at Giving World, a UK charity established to tackle two of today’s most pressing problems – waste and poverty. Giving World engages with donor businesses who donate their surplus products for the benefit of those most in need.

My sister and I established Giving World 21 years ago with this mission in mind.

The service went online only in 2008 so now Giving World operates a free ebay for charities who work with some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. Businesses donate their surplus goods and charities access goods for their beneficiaries. Most charities fund their work of outreach/advice but supporting people with their everyday needs would entail huge sums of money.

This is where Giving World comes in, we provide those everyday resources like food, clothing, toiletries etc for vulnerable people. Each year we redistribute 3m brand new, business surplus products to over 500,000 people in need.

It’s beyond a full time job, so in my spare time I enjoy….. relaxing!

 What are your core values? 

Helping people through my work at Giving World – there is no greater satisfaction than being able to bring happiness and a smile to people when they receive even the smallest of things. The feedback and stories we receive from our beneficiaries are what motivate me to keep giving.

 Why did you join the ValuesJam community?

Values really resonate with me.  To be true to follow the heart, to reach the goal of life and to engage with like-minded people. 

The Values Jam cards are an inspiration to become what we want to become.

How are you using your ValuesJam card decks? 

I have used the decks at work, sharing with the whole team and also I’ve bought a deck for a friend.

Fave rock n roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session?

Rather magically, whenever I’ve used the cards, I do find that the card that turns up is the one that challenges the area of my life I need to work on in that moment. It’s almost spooky and it doesn’t just relate to my card, it’s often the same for many people in that session.

How could more Fulfilment improve the world?

Fulfilment in effect means to be content. Contentment often comes from gratitude. Gratitude for every small moment and every situation in our lives. If we can spread fulfilment, become more content, or feel more gratitude, I feel there would be less friction, discord or wars.

What drew you to adopt the ValuesJam card FULFILMENT?

It’s my goal – something I’m endeavouring to achieve.

How can we find out more about your work?

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