ValuesJam Fanzine Edition 26


Value of the month:

Instead of the normal value of the month we are celebrating the Twelve Values of the Festive Season

As we approach a time of year when many people will be enjoying festive celebrations there is an English Christmas carol called The Twelve Days of Christmas. 

The ValuesJam Founder Members identified these twelve values to celebrate at this time of the year: Compassion, Enjoyment, Faith, Forgiveness, Generosity, Gratitude, Inclusion, Kindness, Love, Patience, Relationships (including Family & Friendship), Wisdom

Important dates this month:

Sunday 10th December

Human Rights Day | United Nations

7th – 15th December


Wednesday 20th December

International Solidarity Day

International Human Solidarity Day | United Nations

25th December

Christmas Day

26th December

Boxing Day

31st December

New Years Eve

Special Offers

It’s gift time so remember you can enjoy a better deal the more ValuesJam card decks you order!

One deck is £29.99 but for two or more it’s just £24.99 using PROMOCODE GIFT23, saving £5 on each deck.

ValuesJam on YouTube

You can see this year’s Guest Sessions at ValuesJam The Guest Sessions Series – YouTube and there have been some fantastic ValuesJams published every Sunday.

Please suggest people who you think would make a good guest: relaxed, open, could be well known, connected or with a large network.

Check out these two very different sessions from November HERE and HERE

The first ValuesJam DeepDive conversation in 2023 is on the topic of EDUCATION at 1700 GMT on Thursday 11th January.  Register at EDUCATION VALUESJAM DEEPDIVE CONVERSATION Tickets, Thu 11 Jan 2024 at 17:00 | Eventbrite

The session will be introduced by the amazing team from Curriculum for Life, a community of learners, educators and thought leaders, co-creating Life Skills Learning for 6-18 year olds.

Please let us know what is your favourite session so far.

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We’d be super grateful if you could help us hit an initial 100 or more subscribers so that we can unlock a custom URL for ValuesJam and make it easier for us to be found. 


Gig Reviews

For World Values Day in October, co-founder Alan took on a ValuesJam Challenge to ValuesJam every day from 1-31 October (with some leeway to catch up if a day was missed for some reason. 

31 ValuesJam sessions later, mission accomplished 🙂. 

The sessions were with a mix of people all over the world from very different backgrounds, some with people known well and others with new connections. Thank you to everybody who helped Alan with the Challenge: “It reconfirmed to me how ValuesJam somehow manages to combine a playful, lighthearted approach with deep, insightful and often very personal conversations. It really is magical.”

We asked Alan to share just one Fave rock n roll moment of magic from one of the ValuesJam sessions: “Well that’s easy. It was on 1st October with grandson, Jacob, four and a half. We played a game to identify his favourite three cards which were Love, Beauty and Kindness.  When I asked Jacob what Love he said he didn’t know so I asked him what he does for people he loves and he said “I give them a hug”. ❤️❤️



Customisable hoodies, Ts and caps are another festive or New Year gift idea ValuesJam x ValuesDriven – Values Driven

You can choose your own value word! This makes a brilliant gift and why not treat yourself to one at the same time

Studio Highlights

New Year resolutions? 

As you know, it is our ambition to create harmony all over the world by inspiring one million values-led conversations. How many ValuesJam sessions have there been so far?  Please let us know how many you have had.   If every current ValuesJammer has just one ValuesJam per month that would be nearly two thousand ValuesJams per year and “we’ve only just begun” (did you see what we did there)?  What could your New Year’s ValuesJam resolution be?

ValuesJam on the Road

Let your fellow ValuesJammer band members know what you are up to eg recording sessions, new releases, tours, photoshoots etc

Send us your selfies and/or the ValuesJam cards – we’ll feature them every month.

Favourite Lyrics

ValuesJam has a close connection with music and ValuesJam card words are used in so many songs. For many people at this time of the year, family is important, whether this is in the traditional sense or a ‘sense of family’ with other people so enjoy this track from the seasonally well-named Sister Sledge Laughing emoji christmas emoji

What are your favourite tracks with a values connection? Perhaps we could create a ValuesJam playlist! 

Did you know?


You will have noticed that there is a ValuesJam language and here is a guide to help you be ‘in the know’.  You will notice the close connection with the language you hear in music circles because of the connection with a music jam eg vibe, play, tune, track, riff, setlist, gig, mic, spotlight etc:

ValuesJam – a playful card game which connects people through values-led conversation

ValuesJammer – somebody who plays the ValuesJam card game

ValuesJamming – playing the ValuesJam game

ValuesJam Founder Member – the first ValuesJammers who signed up right at the beginning of the journey

ValuesJammer Band – the ValuesJammer community as a whole

ValuesJam Stage – any place where ValuesJam is played eg home, club, church, office, factory, bar/restaurant

You will notice that ValuesJam is one word with an upper case V and J. It is always used in full rather than a Jam or Jamming.

Values Jammer in the Spotlight

We are taking a break from ValuesJammer in the Spotlight resuming in the New Year. Please be in touch if you would like to put yourself or another Valuesjammer forward for the monthly slots in 2024 and here are the themes:

January – Education

February – Love

March – Happiness

April – Creativity

May – Family

June – Well-being

July – Friendship

August – Welfare

September – Gratitude

October – Values

November – Kindness

December – Relationships

ValuesJammer Top Tips

…If you are searching for inspiration for a New Year’s resolution, turn to your ValuesJam card deck.  Draw three cards at random and devise a resolution for the New Year that brings them together. 

Why not share your top tips for using your ValuesJam deck? 

We want to know what you think of this fanzine? What do you want to see, hear, feel? What ideas do you have for future editions?
We would also love to feature some of your comments about ValuesJam on the website. Please email a star rating out of 5 and a short, expressive comment to

We already distribute from Australia, UK and USA  Please be in touch if you know somebody who might be interested to set up a ValuesJam studio and distribution arrangement in other parts of the world eg EU, India, Far East etc

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