ValuesJam Fanzine Edition 14

ValuesJam- Happiness

Value of the month:

Twelve Values of the Festive Season

As we approach a time of year when many people will be enjoying festive celebrations there is an English Christmas carol called The Twelve Days of Christmas. The ValuesJam Founder Members identified these twelve values to celebrate at this time of the year:











Relationships (including Family & Friendship)


ValuesJam- Happiness

Important dates this month:

Thursday 8th December

‘SOLIDARITY’ VALUESJAM DEEP DIVE CONVERSATION Tickets, Thu 8 Dec 2022 at 17:00 | Eventbrite

Saturday 10th December

Human Rights Day | United Nations

18th – 26th December


Monday 20th December

International Solidarity Day International Human Solidarity Day | United Nations

25th December

Christmas Day

26th December

Boxing Day

31st December

New Year’s Eve

Special Offers

It’s gift time so remember you can enjoy a better deal the more ValuesJam card decks you buy! One deck is £29.99 but for two or more it’s just £24.99 using PROMOCODE PAYFORWARD22

Studio Highlights

New Years Resolutions

As you know, it is our ambition to create harmony all over the world by inspiring one million values-led conversations. How many ValuesJam sessions have there been so far? Please let us know how many you have had. If every current ValuesJammer has just one ValuesJam per month that would be nearly two thousand ValuesJams per year and “we’ve only just begun” (did you see what we did there)? What could your new year’s ValuesJam resolution be?

Our Co-Founder Lisa will be leaving the band…

Alan: ‘ValuesJam would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for co-founder Lisa’s creativity, time, effort and commitment over the last eighteen months. Even though Lisa will not be involved in running ValuesJam day to day, she will always be the ValuesJam co-founder and we can be proud of what we have created. I am sure we will keep in touch and hope that we will find ways to collaborate going forward. I also know that this move is based on Lisa’s values so totally respect the decision. Thank you, Lisa’.

Gig Reviews

For World Values Day in October, co-founder Alan took on a ValuesJam Challenge to ValuesJam every day from 1-31 October (with some leeway to catch up if a day was missed for some reason.)

31 ValuesJam sessions later, mission accomplished 🙂. The sessions were with a mix of people all over the world from very different backgrounds, some with people known well and others with new connections. Thank you to everybody who helped Alan with the Challenge:

🌟“It reconfirmed to me how ValuesJam somehow manages to combine a playful, lighthearted approach with deep, insightful and often very personal conversations. It really is magical.” We asked Alan to share just one Fave rock n roll moment of magic from one of the ValuesJam sessions: “The ValuesJam was on the topic of Faith and we explored our mutual love of sport and the faith supporters have in their team. At the end of the session, ValuesJammer Chris thought about what he was encouraged to do differently as a result of our conversation – “I have lost touch with my uncle who used to take me to games when I was a young boy so I am going to make contact with him and arrange to go to a match”.✨


ValuesJam on YouTube

ValuesJam The Guest Sessions Series 2023

You can see this year’s Guest Sessions at (1) ValuesJam The Guest Sessions Series 2022 – YouTube and there have been some fantastic ValuesJams.

These sessions are published on the last Friday of each month. Please suggest people who you think would make a good guest: relaxed, open, values-driven, could be well known, connected or with a large network.

Check out these two very different sessions from November:



Deliveries of ValuesJam – Values for Fashion Merchandise have started.  You can choose your own value word! This makes a brilliant gift and why not treat yourself to one at the same time. We want to recognize the role our ValuesJammers play in spreading the word about ValuesJam so please use PROMOCODE #VALUESJAMMER22 to enjoy a 10% discount.

ValuesJam on the Road


Let your fellow ValuesJammer band members know what you are up to eg recording sessions, new releases, tours, photoshoots etc

Send us your selfies and/or the ValuesJam cards – we’ll feature them every month.

Favourite Lyrics

ValuesJam has a close connection with music and ValuesJam card words are used in so many songs. This is one of our favourites

What are your favourite tracks with a values connection?

Did you know?



You will have noticed that there is a ValuesJam language and here is a guide to help you be ‘in the know’.  YOu will notice the close connection with the language you hear in music circles because of the connection with a music jam eg vibe, play, tune, track, riff, setlist, gig, mic, spotlight etc:

ValuesJam – a playful card game which connects people through values-led conversation


ValuesJammer – somebody who plays the ValuesJam card game


ValuesJamming – playing the ValuesJam game


ValuesJam Founder Member – the first ValuesJammers who signed up right at the beginning of the journey


ValuesJammer Band – the ValuesJammer community as a whole


ValuesJam Stage – any place where ValuesJam is played eg home, club, church, office, factory, bar/restaurant


You will notice that ValuesJam is one word with an upper case V and J. It is always used in full rather than a Jam or Jamming.



What’s coming up

The first ValuesJam DeepDive conversation in 2023 is on the topic of EDUCATION at 1700 GMT Thursday 19th January.  Register at ‘EDUCATION’ VALUESJAM DEEPDIVE CONVERSATION Tickets, Thu 19 Jan 2023 at 17:00 | Eventbrite The session will be introduced by the wonderful Fabienne Vailes, a reformed mum and teacher, who is on a mission to disrupt education one imperfectly perfect conversation at a time. She is the co-author of How to Grow a Grown up and author of The Flourishing Student.

Values Jammer in the Spotlight

Who are you?

I’m Jeff Beacham, Owner & Director of Authentica Resourcing, an Executive Search firm in the Manufacturing space.

 What are your core values? 

My core values are: Authenticity, Collaboration, Gratitude, Trust, Quality, Empathy, Delivering Value, Listening


Why did you join the ValuesJam community?

I joined the ValuesJam community through my involvement with Kevin Monroe’s Gratitude Community – Laura Elmquist, a dear friend of mine from New Mexico is a values jammer and so I thought I would buy a VJ card deck. I gifted a second deck to a senior HR professional I know who had just started a new job in a large organisation

How are you using your ValuesJam card decks?

I have used my card deck for referring to when speaking with candidates and clients about Values, also I have used cards as a prop in a LinkedIn post about Values.

How could better RELATIONSHIPS improve the world?

Better relationships would create a much more peaceful world, region, community , worklplace and family. By understanding the range of values and honing in on what our own values are and then living them, enables us to be the best version of ourself and help others get the most out of their values.


What drew you to adopt the ValuesJam card RELATIONSHIPS?

Everything in life is about people, my job is all about people, people make things happen. Our planet relies on the interaction of people.

 How can we find out more about your work?




Insights4Mfg Podcast:

ValuesJammer Top Tips

…If you are choosing a ValuesJam card at random you can invite people to choose a letter from the first or second half of the alphabet  eg P and then a number according to how many cards there are that start with that letter eg 3 – in this case Positive Impact.  


If there is no card with the letter chosen, you can ask ‘would you like the card before or after that letter?’


Why not share your top tips for using your ValuesJam deck?

We want to know what you think of this fanzine? What do you want to see, hear, feel? What ideas do you have for future editions?
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