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The Twelve Values of Christmas

Twelve Values of the Festive Season

As we approach a time of year when many people will be enjoying festive celebrations there is an English Christmas carol called The Twelve Days of Christmas. At the ValuesJam Founder Member After Party, these twelve values were identified to celebrate at this time of the year, although a limit of twelve was a challenge so you will notice we have taken a slight liberty 🙂 : Compassion, Enjoyment, Faith, Forgiveness, Generosity, Gratitude, Inclusion, Kindness, Love, Patience, Relationships (including Family & Friendship), Wisdom

Important dates this month


Tuesday 14th December

VALUES DEEP DIVE CONVERSATION: SOLIDARITY Tickets, Tue 14 Dec 2021 at 17:00 | Eventbrite

Wednesday 15th December

End of Year Speed ValuesJamming Session Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

Monday 20th December International Solidarity Day

International Human Solidarity Day › Global Dimension

25th December 

Christmas Day

26th December

Boxing Day

Until 6th December


31st December

New Year’s Eve


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It’s gift time so remember you can enjoy a better deal the more ValuesJam card decks you buy! One deck is £29.99 but for two or more it’s just £24.99.

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Studio Highlights

New Year resolutions? 


Lisa and Alan’s New Year Resolution is to complete the whole ValuesJam setlist with each other by the end of 2022.


We have loved our ValuesJam sessions so much that we have decided to make them a regular part of our lives. 


As you know, it is our ambition to create harmony all over the world by inspiring one million values-led conversations. How many ValuesJam sessions have there been so far?  Please let us know how many you have had.  

If every current ValuesJammer has just one ValuesJam per month that would be nearly two thousand ValuesJams per year and “we’ve only just begun” (did you see what we did there)?  What could your new year’s ValuesJam resolution be?

Gig reviews

Awaken One Million (AOM), a global movement to help you find meaning and fulfillment through self-awareness, hosted their first annual Thanksgiving ValuesJam right before Thanksgiving.


A dozen curious souls ventured to the Skyline Lounge overlooking Washington, DC to participate in an evening of ValuesJams.  This three hour event brought people together from different walks of life and career sectors.  Here are few words I heard that describes the event; joyful, unexpected, emotional, and life changing!


Each came without any understanding of what they were getting into, and yet they came with hearts open to engage others about values in a light-hearted way that invited conversation and exploration around values which led to greater self-awareness.


Enjoy the spirit of our ValuesJam event with the attached pictures and graffiti poster from the participants to see how it felt for those in attendance. 


Some amazing Rock and Roll moments were during the breaks when attendees got to draw on the ValuesJam graffiti board.  

“The sound of recognition is love.”

Excellence without authenticity is an empty goal.”

Well-being goes deeper than what we can see.”


My favorite attendee quote, “I didn’t know what to expect, and I am blown away with how great this feels!”


Our hope is that AOM can continue to grow as a community and empower others to live a conscious life, a values-driven life, and a purposeful life! Join us at

Favourite lyrics

ValuesJam has a close connection with music and ValuesJam card words are used in so many songs. This is one of our favourites What are your favourite tracks with a values connection?

ValuesJammer Top Tips

…If you are choosing a ValuesJam card at random you can invite people to choose a letter from the first or second half of the alphabet  e.g P and then a number according to how many cards there are that start with that letter e.g 3 – in this case Positive Impact.  

If there is no card with the letter chosen, you can ask ‘would you like the card before or after that letter?’


Why not share your top tips for using your ValuesJam deck?


As soon as we have covered start up costs, 30% of profits will be used to support World Values Day initiatives around the world. We are working on a selection process/ qualification criteria so feel free to make suggestions. Core elements will be scalability and measurable positive impact and it would be great if the ValuesJam card decks could play a part too!

Our exciting collaboration with Values for Fashion is to produce ValuesJam T-shirts. Here are some first ideas and we are thinking that you can choose your own value word on the back!

Did you know?


You will have noticed that a ValuesJam language is already developing and here is a guide to help you be ‘in the know’.  We particularly like a lot of the language you hear in music circles because of the connection with a music jam eg vibe, play, tune, track, riff, setlist, gig, mic, spotlight etc:


ValuesJam – a playful card game which connects people through values-led conversation


ValuesJammer – somebody who plays the ValuesJam card game


ValuesJamming – playing the ValuesJam game


ValuesJam Founder Member – the first ValuesJammers who signed up before 31st October 2021


ValuesJammer Band – the ValuesJammer community as a whole


ValuesJam Stage – any place where ValuesJam is played eg home, club, church, office, factory, bar/restaurant


You will notice that ValuesJam is one word with an upper case V and J. It is always used in full rather than a Jam or Jamming.


Fan News

Let your fellow ValuesJammer band members know what you are up to e.g recording sessions, new releases, tours, photoshoots etc

ValuesJam has arrived in Brazil! Adrianna Santos e Mecenas is ValuesJammer 000048 and has worked with corporate culture and values for several years.  

Send us your selfies and/or the ValuesJam cards – we’ll feature them every month.

What’s coming up

ValuesJam guest series 2022


We have started to build a guest list and these sessions will be published on the last Friday of each month. Please suggest people who you think would make a good guest: relaxed, open, values-driven, could be well known, connected or with a large network.

ValuesJammer on Stage

ValuesJammer Asma Begum, UK


Who are you?  

I am Asma Begum, Founder of Soul Sisters – Empowering People, a charity that empowers people affected by domestic violence to Live Without Fear.  We provide advocacy, signposting, peer support, 1:1 and group coaching and mentoring.  All our services are available online or in person. 


What are your core values?  My core values are respect, trust, compassion, spirituality, justice, resilience


Why did you join the ValuesJam community?   


I joined the ValuesJam Community because  values are very important not only to me as a person but to us as a charity helping those who have suffered domestic violence. Talking about values is a really great way for our service users to build back their identity.  


Understanding our personal and organisational  values means we won’t compromise on anything and will be able to recognise who and what we can work with and move forward as a charity.


I am a coach also, so for me when I work with the service users, we work on the wheel of life,  and every single time there’s been a penny-drop  moment using ValuesJam. Another reason I joined ValuesJam is because Soul Sisters Vice Chair of Trustees, Lisa, is co-founder!

How are you using your ValuesJam card decks?   


I am using them in group sessions with our service users, in person and online.  Playing the plug-in-and-play in the instruction leaflet, it’s a brilliant resource. ValuesJam also opens up conversations for people who may not know each other or are quieter. 


Fave rock n roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session:  


When our service users realised their values were not matching or meeting their perpetrators or with those who were causing barriers to self realisation. 


How could more SOLIDARITY  improve the world?


By opening up dialogue and working together as a team.  Having meaningful discussions and finding out even though diverse we have much in common. My weekly creative group brought together ladies from different backgrounds, who thanked me later for the fact that they got to meet each other, sit together and find so much in common where in normal circumstances they might not have even met.


How can people find out more about your work? 

You can subscribe to our podcast: Soul Sisters Speak Out, visit our website or follow us on instagram @soulsisters_empoweringpeople

We want to know what you think of this fanzine? What do you want to see, hear, feel? What ideas do you have for future editions?
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