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We’ve had feedback about how ValuesJammers are enjoying experimenting with the ValuesJam card deck with family and friends as well as using it in a more focussed, intentional way. This playful curiosity is music to our ears.


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ValuesJam The Guest Sessions Series 2023

In January, the 2023 Guest Session Series started with a weekly ValuesJam on our YouTube channel. The full playlist from January 2022 is at ValuesJam The Guest Sessions Series – YouTube and there have already been some brilliant sessions.

We also had the first ValuesJam Deepdive Conversation into the topic of EDUCATION introduced by ValuesJammer Fabienne Vailes 

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In the run up to the holidays we had a fun competition for a free piece of ValuesJam merchandise.  Jenny Haase was the lucky winner and chose a black ValuesJam hoodie.  Pics, to follow Jenny?

ValuesJam on the Road


Alan recently coached a small team of fifteen people from a company in Germany to use ValuesJam to explore the value of COLLABORATION as a team and then get to know each other better at a personal level with smaller group ValuesJam sessions.

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There is a JOKER card in the ValuesJam card deck in case you want to ValuesJam with a word that is not in the deck.

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Regarding International Social Justice Day above, the 2030 Agenda and the Secretary-General’s report on Our Common Agenda, acknowledge the transition to formality as a priority. The report also calls for road maps to be established to integrate informal workers and enterprises into formal economies, in order to benefit from women’s full participation in the workforce, and to reduce inequalities more broadly. Under a new partnership agreement between the ILO and UNDP, the two organizations have COMMITTED to undertake joint programming to generate pathways to formality, which will also support the Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection for a Just Transition.

Values Jammer in the Spotlight-

Laurence Rottisman

Who are you?

A Belgian HR consultant turned self-awareness coach after the life-changing realisation that what I have been doing for so long wasn’t my optimal way to help this world towards a higher consciousness level. So now I still work with companies but one person at a time, being fully present for them, and to myself as well. That’s where I feel a real sense of connection. That’s also where my personal values beautifully align with my thoughts and my deeds. And that feels good, and meaningful at this stage of my life.

 What are your core values? 

My core values are: 

– authenticity, bringing my whole Self into the game

– honesty, saying my truth, even when it’s not the easiest thing to do/hear, but always with kindness

– respect for life: every form of life, even the tiniest one, has a reason to be, a purpose, a mission, and the right to live freely (except perhaps the mosquitos 😉). Don’t judge and protect the most vulnerable is a direct consequence of this value of respect I so hold dear.

– and of course: commitment! A beautiful one out of the ValuesJam cards deck. Accountability and keeping promises when others count on us, one of the basic principles of bonding and trust.

 Why did you join the ValuesJam community?

A few years ago, I started to deepen the question of values, starting with mine. My life had brought me to a point of self-awareness, which became a fascinating, sometimes confronting inner journey. As I used to travel to the UK regularly, building a network of great people over there, I got to meet Alan whose work, book, beautiful energy and commitment to the cause of values at work and in life. I even started to dream of such a values-driven community in Belgium, where we would most definitely need it! So I opened myself to Alan’s inspiration and that warm community feeling he had created around the ValuesJam card decks. 

How are you using your ValuesJam card decks? 

In coaching mostly, as I am aiming to help people open themselves to that inner journey of discovery as I did myself a while ago. And by knowing their values, strengths and drivers, they can also make better decisions and live more consciously. Also, as you can see in the picture, I found out that talking about values with my daughters -here Evy, 16yo- could be enriching and fun 😊

Fave rock n roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session?

One magic moment in a ValuesJam conversation is when new insights are emerging from several cards that appeared disconnected until then. When we start to connect the dots, and when our intuition channel is completely open to the emergence of new possibilities. That’s when I get the chills! And a beautiful sense of fulfilment.

How could better COMMITMENT improve the world?

My card is the one of commitment, indeed. How I view it in our world, well intention is in my eyes so defining. To commit to doing something is having the intention of doing it. So I see the value of commitment as essential -in the meaning of fundamental – to creating and shaping the world we want. Inside of ourselves -our inner world-  and from there in our families, in our communities, in our nations and on our planet. It’s pure energy. As we say in French, that energy has the power to move mountains but it can also destroy them if we don’t connect commitment with other values and strengths we have as humans. Only then can we take action and shape the world out of a positive and conscious intention.

What drew you to adopt the ValuesJam card COMMITMENT?

Because it’s me! But bear with me because it’s both a blessing and curse: on the one hand I am a person of my word and I would do everything so that people (and the other living beings in my life..hello to my three cats and the birds in the garden) can count on me and no one is left out on the side of the road, but on the other hand I sometimes find myself engaged into situations in which I obviously had overestimated my strengths and energy 😉 Then forgiveness and self-love appear to be useful resources as well! 

How can we find out more about your work?

Always happy to exchange ideas:, (at the moment in French and Dutch, the pages in English are on their way).

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