ValuesJam Fanzine Edition 4

Value of the month: LOVE

Value of leadership

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1st February:

Chinese New Year

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ValuesJam Social Justice

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14th February:

Valentine’s Day

25th February:

ValuesJam Guest Series go live 

 1st March

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ValuesJam on the Road

Alan Williams took a ValuesJam deck to the Emerald Isle near Enniskillen, Northern Ireland  for an event with business owners seeking to cultivate a positive growth culture and scale their businesses. The trip gave Alan the chance to reminisce about childhood hero and footballer (or soccer player!) George Best. (Don’t tell anybody, but Alan used to send George a birthday card every year!)

Gig reviews

We’ve had feedback about how ValuesJammers are enjoying experimenting with the ValuesJam card deck with family and friends as well as using it in a more focussed, intentional way. This playful curiosity is music to our ears

Favourite lyrics

What are your favourite song lyrics about Love?

Here’s some to get you started:

Bright are the stars that shine

Dark is the sky

I know this love of mine

Will never die

And I love her

(John Lennon, Paul McCartney “And I love her”)

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What’s coming up


We are excited to be planning the final details for a ValuesJam session for a global corporate organisation with 1300 attendees online!!!


Thanks to ValuesJammer 000019 PJ Jackson for creating the opportunity and leading the band on stage. This is the largest gig we have done and, fingers crossed, might be the start of a tour. You can learn more about how these sessions can be run along with a mosh pit of other tools, techniques and tips by becoming a certified ValuesJammer Pro.  Look out for details coming soon.

ValuesJammer on Stage

Gentiana Koçi 

Gentiana Koçi was the fourth ValuesJammer to join the band.

Who are you?  

I am Gentiana Koçi – a Gardener of Values and Poetic living, passionate about the growth of Love at the Heart of Beauty and Truth. 

What are your core values?  

My core values are

Love, Beauty, Truth, Trust, Courage

Why did you join the ValuesJam community?   

To bring a poetic voice in vulnerable conversations, the voice of love for the seen, the heard and the felt – in a mindful and joyful way (hopefully beautiful, inspiring)


 How are you using your ValuesJam card decks?   

Questioning – creating/making and asking beautiful questions, as well as the deck ones – every day, to breath life into more beautiful questions from others (less answers)! This idea came from the wonderful poetry of John O’Donohue which awed me.

What beautiful question are you asking today? 


Fave rock n roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session:  

Any shared smile was/is a magic moment.


How could more LOVE improve the world?

It just Does – the heart knows! 


What drew you to adopt the ValuesJam card Love?

I followed the heart after hearing the voice of somebody who ‘saw’ that in me and shared it with me. 


How can people find out more about your work? (include contact details, social media handles and a pic!)

I would like my poetic voice to reach people and have a heart-to-heart conversation on LinkedIn – Gentiana Koçi, 

And here is a poem

“All Through Eternity”

by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Love Poems of Rumi · Rumi – Rumi quotes and Rumi Poems


Beauty unveils His exquisite form


in the solitude of nothingness;


He holds a mirror to His Face


and beholds His own beauty.


he is the knower and the known,


the seer and the seen;


No eye but His own


has ever looked upon this Universe.


His every quality finds an expression:


Eternity becomes the verdant field of Time and Space;


Love, the life-giving garden of this world.


Every branch and leaf and fruit


Reveals an aspect of His perfection-


They cypress give hint of His majesty,


The rose gives tidings of His beauty.


Whenever Beauty looks,


Love is also there;


Whenever beauty shows a rosy cheek


Love lights Her fire from that flame.


When beauty dwells in the dark folds of night


Love comes and finds a heart


entangled in tresses.


Beauty and Love are as body and soul.


Beauty is the mine, Love is the diamond.


They have together


since the beginning of time-


Side by side, step by step

ValuesJammer Top Tips

Why not share your top tips for using your ValuesJam deck? 

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