October 2021  brings a month of  World Values Day celebrations culminating in World Values Day itself on 21st October. The theme for this year is RECONNECTING.

One of the key initiatives for World Values Day 2021 is the ValuesJamTM  card game created by co-founders Alan Williams and Lisa Birtles.

Alan and Lisa met at a WVD Planning event in Febuary 2021 and were inspired to  co-create a playful way to connect people and build mutual understanding through values led-conversations.

The result is our playful card game, ValuesJamTM

Our bold ambition is to inspire one million values-led conversations and create harmony* all over the world with our community of ValuesJammers.

*not to be confused with the kind of harmony that conjures up walking barefoot through a meadow with flowers in your hair, harmony in this context is inspired by musical harmony:

“Strong harmonies are made from different voices working together.” Lisa Birtles

The game

The ValuesJamTM deck has 60 values cards with a set of fun and insightful questions to guide the conversation.  It works well for team members, friends and family, school & community groups, care homes, coaching conversations, consultants/facilitators and even counsellors and therapists! 

What’s important to us is helping people to talk about their values, which are often associated with deeply held feelings and memories.  Talking about our values helps us to bring them to life and take action to live by them every day.

“Even the Rolling Stones practice.” Alan Williams

What people are saying about ValuesJamTM

Feedback from ValuesJamTM Founder Members who have played so far has been amazing:

“What an incredibly powerful and fun way to disrupt the mundane way we usually see, think and talk about values.”

“I found myself remembering experiences that haven’t crossed my mind for many, many years.  Powerful stuff!”

“ValuesJam cards will be a fun and impactful tool for those wanting to: expand their understanding of “self” and “other;” build bridges and increase collaboration; explore their personal and company values; and deepen relationships.”

The initial deck is in English and we are already exploring opportunities to offer ValuesJam in several different languages. You can also produce ValuesJam card decks with your company logo on the box.

Supporting World Values Day 2021

The ValuesJamTM card game is one of the key initiatives for World Values Day 2021.

ValuesJamathon on Clubhouse

Starting in the AsiaPac timezone with Paul Ryken and running through to West Coast USA throughout the day on 21st October 2021.

To host or join a ValuesJam message us at  jamming@values-jam.com.

October Values Challenge

Lisa & Alan will be having a ValuesJam conversation every day of October.  To ValuesJam with us drop us a line: jamming@values-jam.com

Introductory Offer

Become a  ValuesJam Founder Member.  Buy one deck of cards and enjoy an additional free deck with every order which we ask you to ‘pass forward’.

30% of profits will be donated to World Values Day activities around the world.

“If life isn’t about human beings and living in harmony, then I don’t know what it’s about.” Orlando Bloom