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1st January

New Years Day & Global Family Day

18th January

National Winnie The Pooh Day

11th January

EDUCATION VALUESJAM DEEPDIVE CONVERSATION Tickets, Thu 11 Jan 2024 at 17:00 | Eventbrite

24th January

International Day of Education

25th January

Burns Night

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ValuesJam on YouTube

You can see this year’s Guest Sessions at ValuesJam The Guest Sessions Series – YouTube and there have been some fantastic ValuesJams published every Sunday.

Please suggest people who you think would make a good guest: relaxed, open, could be well known, connected or with a large network.

Check out these two very different sessions from December Priyanka Dutt and Harry Spaight.

The first ValuesJam DeepDive conversation in 2023 is on the topic of EDUCATION at 1700 GMT on Thursday 11th January.  Register at EDUCATION VALUESJAM DEEPDIVE CONVERSATION Tickets, Thu 11 Jan 2024 at 17:00 | Eventbrite

The session will be introduced by the amazing team from Curriculum for Life, a community of learners, educators and thought leaders, co-creating Life Skills Learning for 6-18 year olds.

Please let us know what is your favourite session so far.

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Gig Reviews

The ValuesJam Guest Session Series in 2023 received rave reviews so this will continue for 2024 (every Sunday) and we already have some fantastic ValuesJams ‘in the can’. One small change is that the chosen topic will feature on the thumbnail in case you are interested in specific topics.  Be aware though that some of the most interesting ValuesJams are when a card is chosen that, at first, might seem challenging or even less interesting.

2023 has been another fantastic year for the ValuesJam band which continues to grow all over the world. We are on the same road to our ambition of inspiring one million values-led conversations. And we know that people just love these ValuesJams. All best wishes for a productive, fulfilling and enjoyable Chapter 2024 with your ValuesJam card decks. 

HERE is the guest session series playlist



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Studio Highlights

If you haven’t had chance yet, check out the wonderful ValuesJam Deepdive conversation on the YouTube channel featuring representatives from the World Kindness Movement and also Margaret Pedereson who set up a Kindness initiative when she was 98 years young  ValuesJam Deepdive KINDNESS 091123 – YouTube

ValuesJam on the Road

Last year we invited the ValuesJam Founder members to adopt a ValuesJam card. We are now inviting the ValuesJam band generally to adopt any of the remaining cards below.  Adoption doesn’t give you any responsibility LOL and you don’t even have to do anything, we just thought you might like the chance to put your name against a particular value:






















Simply email to with your chosen value in the subject title.  First come first served

ValuesJam DeepDive Calendar 2024


We are thrilled to be offering a calendar of ValuesJam Deepdive conversations starting with EDUCATION and here are other 2024 dates for your diary ValuesJam DeepDive Calendar 2024 

Favourite Lyrics

What tracks would be on your ValuesJam playlist for 2024 (songs associated with values, generally or specifically)?  

Did you know?

Global Family Day is celebrated as a day of peace and sharing on 1st January. Its aim is to unite and spread a message of peace by considering and promoting the idea that Earth is one Global Family so as to make the world a better place to live for everyone.

ValuesJammer in the Spotlight

Blyde Nesser is our first ValuesJammer in the Spotlight for 2024 

Who are you?

I am the Founder of Professional Coaching Solutions, a collective of human resource and change consultants, facilitators, coaches, and other qualified practitioners who have joined forces to multiply our social impact. Partnering with visionary leaders, we cultivate thriving teams and enhance performance.

 It is a privilege to help individuals and teams across the globe build strong, collaborative cultures and human-centred leadership practices, reduce bullying, harassment, and other dysfunctions, improve mental fitness, accelerate achievement and – ultimately – help people find more joy at work.

 What are your core values?  

I value professionalism, kindness, collaboration, impact, and authenticity, however as humans there are certain core elements we can’t function without. If we all operate from a point of love and fairness, integrity, forgiveness, and compassion, we can make the world a better place.

Why did you join the ValuesJam community? 

Being part of this beautiful community allows me to surround myself with like-minded individuals who are committed to principles that align with my own and are working together to increase awareness and practice of values around the world.

By promoting values-driven living, we can inspire individuals to reflect on their beliefs and behaviours. Through advocacy and positive role modelling, we can contribute to shaping societal norms, inspire others to be increasingly values driven and break down barriers that are dividing people. The ripple effect of our joint initiatives can have a profound and lasting impact.

The ValuesJam community continually reminds me to reflect on how I demonstrate my own values and inspires me to strive for more.

How are you using/planning to use your ValuesJam card decks? 

I have been using the ValuesJam deck extensively in team coaching, individual coaching as well as change management. It comes in very handy as an icebreaker and self-reflection tool. Recently, we used it in a workshop to help small business owners understand how value-aligned business drives success.

The ValuesJam deck is particularly powerful in conversations around trust and psychological safety, or building a culture of understanding which behaviours are above and below the line.

Fave rock n roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session? 

I was coaching a team who are going through a series of significant changes. One of the attendees came across as a little bit withdrawn at the start of the workshop. Everyone drew a card and was invited to share thoughts that popped up for them.

Low and behold, this participant drew…Faith!

As we went around the room, there were some interesting and thought-provoking conversations. I was holding my breath a little bit, not sure whether the participant who drew “Faith” was going to want to talk about their card.

When it was their turn to speak, the participant sat back in their chair, took a long breath, sighed, and uttered these words:

“Faith… Hmmm…… One of my favourite songs ever, by one of my favourite artists. George will forever be a legend. But I need to tell you something else about faith. The team may not know it, but I am actually very spiritual. Thank you for allowing me to say this today”.


 How could more EDUCATION improve the world?  

It has been demonstrated throughout history that people who have better access to education generally earn more. But education contributes to human and planetary wellbeing in so many other ways, which can have an exponential and incredibly powerful impact globally:

  • If we can encourage more people to value education as a commodity, it will be a powerful weapon against poverty, discrimination, violence, and other acts against humanity across the world, create more awareness around human rights, and lead to more fairness and equity.
  • People who are more are educated about rights are more likely to claim what they themselves are legally entitled to and are potentially in a better position to fight for the rights of others.
  • Education can help save the planet, as people who are educated about the environment are more likely to make more sustainable choices and act in ways that can be better for nature.
  • The more educated we are, the more curious we become, which ultimately leads to accelerated innovation and problem solving, a better understanding of others’ point of view and more tolerance for diverse perspectives.

Ultimately, education can lead to world peace, improved human wellbeing and planetary health. Education is not accessible to all humans, but WE hold the power to change this.

Contact details

To have a conversation about the ways in which values-driven behaviours could be leveraged to enhance your own or your team’s wellbeing and performance, contact me on hello@professionalcoachingsolutions or book an obligation free consultation:


ValuesJammer Top Tips

…If you are searching for inspiration for a New Year’s resolution, turn to your ValuesJam card deck.  Draw three cards at random and devise a resolution for the New Year that brings them together. 

Why not share your top tips for using your ValuesJam deck? 

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