ValuesJam Fanzine Edition 3

Value of the month: Leadership

Value of leadership

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Studio Highlights

In the ValuesJam Studio, ValuesJam co-founders Lisa and Alan will be ValuesJamming the entire deck of ValuesJam cards during 2022, starting with Innovation at the beginning of January:

“We touched on everything from supermarkets and banks to Uber and even teleporting and cloning. Watch it now on our NEW YouTube channel: 

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  Key takeaways included the importance of innovation being for a purpose rather than for the sake of it and the importance to allow room for (rather than fear of) failure to motivate innovation.”

Fan News

Let your fellow ValuesJammer band members know what you are up to e.g recording sessions, new releases, tours, photoshoots etc…

Laurence Rottesman, Belgium

“I loved the ValuesJam card deck launch promotion offering a second free one to give away. A beautiful realisation of the mission to inspire harmony in the world through a greater understanding of who we are, self and others, through our values.
So, as an enthusiastic fan of the ValuesJam concept, I purchased the cards and wondered who in my circle could benefit from receiving the second deck in turn. I didn’t have to think very long, actually, before choosing Hans Vandenberghe.

Hans is a Belgian consciousness coach who also works internationally. He creates a safe space for his clients to start creating any experience they choose by expanding their consciousness and unlocking their creative power. He wants people to experience freedom, discover new opportunities and learn how to impact the world. Values are second nature to Hans. He accompanies others – of which I have been fortunate enough to be a part – on their journey with kindness, humility and authenticity, but also well grounded in the reality of our world.
When we had our ValuesJam conversation in the first days of this new year, online as we often do these days, we were both filled with renewed energy and each of us chose our three most important values in this spirit. First of all, choosing 3 values among the 59 in the deck is already a performance in itself! And fun to include in the interaction. But also a very nice way to build bridges between what these values represent for each of us. And like a magical patchwork, your co-ValuesJammer gradually takes shape before your eyes, as the exchange goes on. Most definitely a meaningful experience!”


Gig reviews

Pauline Crawford (1) Dr. Pauline Crawford – The Conversation Maker | LinkedIn joined the ValuesJammer band in December and played in a couple of brilliant ValuesJam sessions: 

There was a group ValuesJam on the topic of Forgiveness which proved to be an emotional rollercoaster with tears of sadness, laughter, contemplation and light bulb moments.  

Then Pauline and Alan Williams explored Wealth and enjoyed a wonderful exploration of how, ultimately, Wealth is the sum of all our life experiences (good and not so good). They envisioned a magic cloak with video clips, photos, pictures, images, words, souvenirs, textures/fabrics, colours and sounds of a lifetime of memories, experiences and events which we wear and gives us special powers.


Favourite lyrics

It’s a new year and we think this track captures the anticipation and excitement perfectly Nina Simone – Feeling Good Lyrics | Genius Lyrics. What tracks would be on your ValuesJam playlist (songs associated with values, generally or specifically)?  You can add yours here : 

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We are excited to have started exploring a collaboration with an amazing App called Timelines which records your life events for both you and those you hold dear, so that future generations can see and hear your life story in your own words. In particular, we see opportunity for ValuesJam to be used in residential care settings to provide the residents with a playful way to inspire meaningful conversations with the care providers, fellow residents and visitors. We already know that ValuesJam sessions often surface forgotten memories and experiences so this is also a wonderful way to create additional content for somebody’s Timeline.

You can follow Timelines at FB @myaftercloud Twitter @aftercloud1 Insta @myaftercloud1

ValuesJammer Top Tips

Business Leader  Lance Minor, based in the US, used his ValueJam cards recently at a team event.  He gave each team 5-6 cards and asked them to pick out cards that described the WHAT, WHY and HOW they like to work together.  He reports that it was a big success!

Why not share your top tips for using your ValuesJam deck? 

What’s coming up

ValuesJam guest series 2022


We have started to build a guest list and these sessions will be published on the last Friday of each month, starting with Richard Barrett. Please suggest people who you think would make a good guest: relaxed, open, values-driven, could be well known, connected or with a large network.

ValuesJammer on Stage

ValuesJammer 003:

 Michelle St Jane – VJ000003

Who are you?  

 Dr. Michelle St Jane

🎙TEDxWoman2021 Speaker  | 📚 Author 📚 | 🎥 Video 🎧 Podcaster | 🦄 Living legend

Leaning into being a Living Legend as a 🕊 Conscious Steward who wishes to flourish and share her wisdom in new and more authentic ways.


What are your core values?  


My core values are

Wisdom: to serve an essential purpose that involves knowledge and experience being transferred into intergenerational wisdom.

Future generations, people and planet: being a vivid visionaries who invests time, talent and treasure into a world that holds promise for current and future generations of all species.

Communication – Living in-between legendary lives calls for robust conversations and busting myth perceptions by 🕊️ purposefully leaving footprints as a living legends in the digital ⏳sands of time signposting wisdom, strength, and hope.



Why did you join the ValuesJam community?   


To create conversation around values and for collaborative opportunities


How are you using your ValuesJam card decks?   


To reach out and engage in conversations around values, locally and globally


Fave rock n roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session:  


The AhA! of alignment and synergies when values-led business leaders are ready to use their unique voice to affect change rather than keep the status quo.


How could more LEADERSHIP  improve the world?


I have seen first-hand how valuable building relationships and giving each other a helping hand can be as values-led leaders.

Gathering in community builds resilience and the impact you can have in the community is transformational.

What drew you to adopt the ValuesJam card Wisdom?

I have gained many blessings from an attitude of gratitude for the experiences enjoyed or endured throughout my life and leadership to date.

The blessings and lessons gained from these encounters culminates in the conscious stewardship of the wisdom of gained knowledge and experiences gained through my individual capabilities Into the greater good (environmental awareness, future generations, making a difference). I like to call that being a socio-environmental imagineer!  Taking that insight and understanding is the important essence in living a legacy for others and a world that holds promise for the future.


How can people find out more about your work?


 Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey 🎥 Video 🎧 Podcaster  Website: Let’s

CLUBHOUSE: @michellestjane






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