“A playful card game that helps people to connect with each other by stimulating values-led conversations.”


You will have noticed that a ValuesJam language is already developing and here is a guide:


ValuesJam – a playful card game which connects people through values-led conversation

ValuesJammer – somebody who plays the ValuesJam card game

ValuesJamming – playing the ValuesJam game

ValuesJammer Founder Member – the first ValuesJammers who sign up before 31st October 2021

ValuesJammer band – the ValuesJammer community as a whole

ValuesJam stage – any place where ValuesJam is played eg home, club, church, office, factory, bar/restaurant


We also like a lot of the language you hear in music circles because of the connection with a music jam eg vibe, play, tune, track, riff, set, gig etc

Join us to create greater harmony all over the world.  You will receive your ValuesJam card deck/s and your unique ValuesJammer ID certificate (not to be confused with a vaccination certificate!)