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1st March

St David’s Day

14th March


17th March

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20th March

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS – March 20, 2023 – National Today

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On the ValuesJam YouTube channel we had some great Guest Session Series ValuesJams with guests from Canada, Saudi Arabia, UK, and USA.  The ValuesJam session with Richard Barrett is the most viewed session we have had!

EDUCATION and LOVE have been the topics for the ValuesJam Deepdive conversations so far in 2024 so check these out:



Here are the ValuesJam GuestSession videos from February:

PATIENCE ft. Terry Lovat

BALANCE ft. Natalie Blagoeva

FULFILMENT ft. Dr Ifeoma Samuel

BEAUTY ft. Piotr Lesniak

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World Values Day

The theme for this year is Bringing VALUES to Life. Every year we launch a survey and you can find this year’s at  Please take a minute to complete the survey which will run until 31st October 2024. We will share the results at the beginning of November.

Founder Alan Williams will again be taking the ValuesJam Challenge, aiming to complete 31 ValuesJam sessions in the month of October.

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ValuesJammer in the Spotlight


Asma Begum is ValuesJammer 000059

Who are you?

I am a dedicated single mother, the proud founder of the charity Soul Sisters Empowering People, and a multifaceted individual wearing many hats: coach, podcaster, blogger, writer, author, radio presenter, and trustee. Drawing from my own journey, I aim to empower those impacted by domestic abuse, fostering a life filled with hope, aspirations, and safety. As a self-professed tea aficionado, I find solace in indulging in shows like Grey’s Anatomy and anything by Shonda Rhimes, along with the timeless appeal of Friends. My musical palette ranges from Bollywood to spiritual and meditation tunes, complementing my love for journaling and gym sessions with my son. Exploring the great outdoors and embracing nature’s wonders are cherished moments in our lives. Through social media, I passionately advocate for domestic abuse awareness, sharing insights from my own experiences to educate and uplift others.

 In addition to my diverse roles and passions, I bring a wealth of expertise from my corporate banking background. Holding a degree in Law and Community Studies Law, I merge legal knowledge with a deep understanding of societal dynamics. This unique blend informs my work in empowering survivors of domestic abuse, advocating for their rights, and fostering a safer, more equitable world.

 What are your core values?  

1. **Respect:** Treating everyone kindly.

2. **Compassion:** Showing care and understanding.

3. **Learning:** Always growing and discovering.

4. **Integrity:** Being honest and accountable.

5. **Openness:** Welcoming diverse perspectives.

6. **Gratitude:** Appreciating the good in life.

7. **Communication:** Speaking honestly and kindly.

Why did you join the ValuesJam community? 

I became part of the Values Jam community through co-founder Lisa Birtles, who is also a business initiative coach and trustee at my charity. As we worked on the strategy for the charity, we recognised the crucial importance of values to both our organisation and ourselves as individuals.

How are you using/planning to use your ValuesJam card decks? 

We incorporate the use of the ValuesJam card decks in our charity’s group sessions and conversations, both within the office and during one-on-one sessions with our beneficiaries. These cards help individuals reflect on how their values may not have been respected by perpetrators of abuse and explore what values are important to them. Many have expressed experiencing “ah-ha” moments, finding the process educational and empowering. Personally, I also use the cards for journaling, and we discuss how our beneficiaries can incorporate discussions about values with their children, fostering important conversations within families.

Fave rock n roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session? 

One of my favorite rock ‘n’ roll moments from a ValuesJam session? Well, honestly, each session is magical in its own right. However, if I had to choose, it would be when the trustees and I streamlined and solidified our organisations five most important values. It was a moment of celebration and personal pride as the founder. Another impactful moment was witnessing the group attendees discuss values and collectively realise that perpetrators often do not share their values, leading to feelings of unhappiness and conflict. This revelation empowered them to prioritise values in future relationships, a significant step towards personal growth and empowerment.

How could more HAPPINESS improve the world?  

More happiness in the world could lead to various positive outcomes:

1. **Healthier Individuals:** Happier people tend to lead healthier lifestyles, which can reduce the burden on healthcare systems and increase overall well-being.

2. **Stronger Communities:** Happy individuals are more likely to engage in social activities, volunteerism, and community initiatives, fostering stronger bonds and a sense of belonging.

3. ⁠ **Less Conflict:** When people are content and fulfilled, they are less likely to engage in conflicts or violence, promoting peace and harmony.

Overall, more happiness in the world can create a ripple effect, positively impacting individuals, communities, and the planet as a whole.

How can people find out more about your work?

My contact email is You can find more about me on LinkedIn: 

Asma Begum

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Force rank the ValuesJam cards to help identify your core values.

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