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WISAG Industrial Services is a leading provider of industrial services offering customised solutions to optimize processes, increase efficiency, and reduce cost.  It is a division of WISAG Group, a family company that prizes itself on its values.

ValuesJam was chosen by two new unit heads (sales and engineering) as part of a three day retreat in the mountains south of Munich to bring the group together again and to get to know each other.

A key objective for the unit heads was for the members of the team to understand each other better and at the same time to go in the same direction with a common set of values. 

So let’s go for a round of “ValuesJam”. Why not? Finding common ground, defining values for our team and not only getting to know each other but learning something special about people can’t be easier than with the help of a game, fun and music by Bob Marley 🙂.

Pairs of team members, one technical and one sales, discussed the ValuesJam card drawn and suddenly there were incredible and deep discussions that went far beyond a “normal” conversation. People said they felt “closer” to the other person because of an open exchange about private or non-work related matters. And there was often an “aha effect” – “so that’s how someone else thinks about it” – “that’s how I see it too” – “I’ve never looked at it from that side”. It was a good starting point for further conversation, which then continued to revolve around the topic of values.

In the big round at the end of the session, a set of common values was decided on.  What are they? For now, this remains in the group – but one thing is certain: Without trust in ourselves and in each other, we can’t achieve our goals! By choosing the common values, you get a stronger sense of belonging and automatically feel more connected to each other.

With thanks to the Authors: Ivana Jokic / Tobias Archut


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Did you know?

A sense of employee connection is the #1 challenge cited by C-suite survey respondents Why A Lack Of Human Connection Is Crippling Your Work Culture (  This explains why there is interest in how a program of ValuesJam sessions between employees can create connections, build relationships and improve the workplace culture. 

World Values Day 2023


Plans have been developing since the beginning of the year for World Values Day 2023. Celebrations take place from 1-31 October and World Values Day is on Thursday 19th October.  This year’s theme is VALUES Bring Us Together and so planning ValuesJam sessions (in person or online) on World Values Day or through 1-31 October is a great way to join in.

Values Jammer in the Spotlight

Charles Fowler

Who are you?

 I’m Charles Fowler and my main occupation (and pre-occupation) is helping raise awareness of values and encouraging better practice of values through my roles in helping to run The Human Values Foundation, an educational charity, the UK Values Alliance, and World Values Day. 

 What are your core values? 

My core values are LOVE, TRUTH and PEACE.

 Why did you join the ValuesJam community?

I believe ValuesJam is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to think more deeply about their own values and to engage other people in conversation about values. Talking about values never fails to create amazing energy – it packs a powerful punch!

How are you using your ValuesJam card decks? 

The cards are perfect for sparking impromptu interactions with other people whether you have met them before or not.

Fave rock n roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session?

Riffing with Alan Williams and Lisa Birtles on the theme of Values for Community and exploring the many ways in which the word Community resonates with us in all aspects of our lives. Studio note – you can check out this ValuesJam at

How could more INCLUSION improve the world?

So much sorrow and suffering can be avoided when we open our arms and hearts to others. We need to be more aware of our common humanity, rather than our differences and  distinctions. We can do that by practising the value of LOVE, observing the TRUTH that we are all one, and as a result we will see more and more PEACE in the world.

How can we find out more about your work?

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