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RECOGNITION ft. Philip Sykes

JUSTICE ft. Katie Antill

COURAGE ft. Giorgio Gatica Singgih

RECOGNITION ft. Sylvie Barbier

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World Values Day 2024

Plans have been developing since the beginning of the year for World Values Day 2024. Celebrations take place from 1-31 October and World Values Day is on Thursday 17th October.  This year’s theme is Bringing VALUES to Life and so planning ValuesJam sessions (in person or online) on World Values Day or through 1-31 October is a great way to join in.  To help you put your ValuesJam plans in place we have a special offer saving £10 when you order a minimum of two ValuesJam card decks using the promocode £10WVD24.  However many decks you order, remember to order at least one extra to give as a gift.   

Last year, ValuesJammers all over the world took part in the LinkedIn ValuesJamathon from 1-31 October with a different ValuesJammer drawing a card at random each day and asking their own question to spark a values-led conversation.  We will be putting the schedule together in the coming weeks so let us know if you want to claim a particular date.


ValuesJam On The Road

In the ValuesJammer in the Spotlight section below, you can read about Lissette Noboa who created the company Values Driven and also helped us to take ValuesJam into the world of fashion.  You can personalise your own T-shirt, hoodie or cap with your chosen value word.  In the studio, it reminded us of a gentle oldie but goodie by Gallagher and Lyle

Did you know?

A sense of employee connection is the #1 challenge cited by C-suite survey respondents Why A Lack Of Human Connection Is Crippling Your Work Culture (  This explains why there is interest in how a program of ValuesJam sessions between employees can create connections, build relationships and instil a ‘business family’ workplace culture.

ValuesJammer in the Spotlight



Lissette Noboa is ValuesJammer VJ000021

Who are you?

I’m Lissette Noboa, Founder of Values Driven, a Fashion Brand with a mission to change the world through a values-driven culture, wearing who you are on the outside. As a Values Advocate, I’m passionate about fostering meaningful connections and making a positive impact in both my personal and professional life.

What are your core values?  

My core values revolve around empathy, sustainability, and creativity. I believe in living authentically and aligning my actions with these values.

Why did you join the ValuesJam community? 

I joined the ValuesJam community because I resonate deeply with its mission of promoting values-driven conversations and fostering a sense of community. I’m eager to explore how our values shape our interactions and relationships

How are you using/planning to use your ValuesJam card decks? 

I use my ValuesJam card decks as a tool for reflection and meaningful discussions with friends, family, and colleagues. They serve as a catalyst for exploring values, sparking insightful conversations, and deepening connections.


Fave rock n roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session? 

One of my favorite moments was when we collectively realized the power of empathy in bridging differences and fostering understanding. It was inspiring to witness individuals from diverse backgrounds come together and find common ground through shared values.


How could more of a sense of  FAMILY improve the world?

Cultivating a greater sense of family could greatly improve the world by fostering empathy, compassion, and support for one another. When we view others as part of our extended family, we’re more inclined to prioritize their well-being and work together towards common goals.

Contact details

Lissette Noboa 

Instagram: @LissetteNoboa / @Valuesdriven_

ValuesJammer Top Tips

Force rank the ValuesJam cards to help identify your core values.

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