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Value of the month: INCLUSION

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ValuesJammer in the Spotlight

Kim Schweitzer

Kim Schweitzer is ValuesJammer VJ000011 and has adopted the card Inclusion

Who are you?

 Hi!  I’m Kim Schweitzer. I came to London almost 12 years ago from Philadelphia on a 2-year secondment. I was amazed and enthralled by the diversity I experienced in London.  I found it to be such an inclusive city. (My dog, Kona, who I brought with me from Philadelphia, also loved it here – especially taking long walks along the Thames. As we walked I used to say to him, isn’t this great Kona?  To live in such an amazing city?) So we decided to stay.


What are your core values?

I know people say you should only have five or six…but these are the ones that influence the decisions and actions I take.   



 Curiosity (learning/exploring/discovering)






 Meaningful work



Why did you join the ValuesJam community?

I joined the ValuesJam community to be a part of a group to help me and others better understand our core values, and appreciate our own and others’ core values. 

I believe that if we better understand each others’ core values, it help us create better relationships with people at work and at home, and in the world around us.

What’s truly important to us? 

 Why do we act the way we do? 

    How can we better bring people together to understand and appreciate one another, our differences, and the unique gifts we all have to offer?)


How are you using your ValuesJam card decks?  

The majority of my ValuesJam conversations have been with others in the Values Alliance organisation, and with people in like-hearted organisations I’m a part of.  However, I played ValuesJam with my family when we were all together for Thanksgiving this past year.  While not all bought into the strength of jamming around Values, one of my nephews asked if he could take a pack of cards back to school with him – he’s an RA (resident advisor) in a freshman dorm on campus.  He thought it would be good to have these conversations with his students as part of his role to get to know one another better.

 I also often jam with my brother about the importance of values at work.  And how important it is to find an organisation with values you admire and support.  For organisations to create value, people generally play a large part in that.  When people feel invested in the company’s future, have a sense of belonging, support the company’s purpose and values, and share pride in its success, it improves employee engagement, productivity, and creates value.


Fave rock n roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session    

How welcoming Alan has been in including me from day one – and before.  He was so understanding when I had to cancel and reschedule our very first meeting  when my dog Kona was very sick, and died soon thereafter.  Alan sent me this link in the hopes that it would help in some small way – and it certainly did!

He’s always giving the benefit of doubt, and encouraging you to be your best.  His friendship has been invaluable.  Being part of ValuesJam with Alan and Lisa (and all the ValuesJammers) is always rock n roll magic!

My second fave rock n roll moment…adopting the INCLUSION card.

 My third fave — embracing and sharing Bon Jovi’s Welcome to Wherever You Are.

Bon Jovi – Welcome To Wherever You Are – YouTube


How could more INCLUSION improve the world?

Oops…I think I’ve probably already answered this question below…  🙂


What drew you to adopt the ValuesJam card INCLUSION?

 As those of you who know me well (or even those who have only had minimal contact with me), know inclusion is a huge thing for me.  A way I try to live my life, every day.  Especially today, after going through a pandemic, where many of us have felt excluded for one reason or another.  It’s so important for people’s mental health to feel like they are being included, listened to, and are a part of something.  And are not being excluded – or left behind.

 We need to work especially hard today to do this today as the world has become more and more polarized, with people digging in to their positions, not willing to consider and look at things from different perspectives outside of their own.  This is taking its toll on many relationships, and contributing to a mental health crisis in this country and across the world.  Not to mention the devastating effects its having on our political systems.  (Think Brexit!)

 I believe that by including diversity of thought, different perspectives, and challenging, questioning, and looking at things a different way, we get to better solutions and outcomes.  Even if the outcome is not the one you supported.  Because no individual can ever know everything, or be right about everything in the world.  (Though we all know people who think they do!)  

Better together.  And that starts with INCLUSION.

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