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Thursday 9th November 5pm GMT

ValuesJam Deepdive conversation introduced by representatives from the World Kindness Movement and special guest Margaret Pederson who set up a kindness movement in Glenwood, Minnesota, USA at the age of 98!

KINDNESS VALUESJAM DEEPDIVE CONVERSATION Tickets, Thu 9 Nov 2023 at 17:00 | Eventbrite

Saturday 11th November

Armistice Day

Monday 13th November

World Kindness Day

The World Kindness Movement – …we are Kinder

Thursday 16th November

International Day for Tolerance

Thursday 23rd November

Thanksgiving Day (USA)

Sunday 26th November

World Day for International Justice

Tuesday 28th November

Giving Tuesday 

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Black Friday antidote offer:  

From World Kindness Day to Giving Tuesday (13th to 28th November) here is your opportunity to be kind and giving: minimum order of 2 decks – pass one forward as an act of kindness and giving.  In the ValuesJam Studio we are ALL IN: for every person that joins in we will donate a FREE deck to a good cause – suggestions welcome.  ValuesJam decks make great Christmas gifts  – just saying!

Place your orders at ValuesJam Card Deck | Values Jam ( using promocode KIND&GIVING23

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Guest Session featuring:

Michael Lawrence

Kimberly Wiefling

Stefano Petti

Anna McAfee

 Pam Simmons

Please let us know what is your favourite session so far.

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Gig Reviews

ValuesJam co-founder Alan is on target to complete his ValuesJam Challenge of 31 ValuesJam sessions throughout October in support of World Values Day.  Watch out  for a review in next month’s Fanzine.

The ValuesJam band have also taken part in the ValuesJamathon on LinkedIn in October with a daily post and question for the community. Thanks to all the ValuesJammers who took part and asked such great questions.


ValuesJam Support for

World Values Day 2024

The ValuesJam Deepdive Conversations series uses a donation model so that people can attend for free if they want to and can also make a donation.  All proceeds go towards supporting World Values Day activities. 

 These donations mean that, this year, we can offer 10 free ValuesJam card decks for people who want to create a series of Values-led conversations in their community as part of the World Values Day 2024 celebrations.  We will cover UK postage costs and are asking people to cover the cost for overseas shipping.

Youcan submit your application at or email with the following information:

Title: Free ValuesJam card deck

Name: [my name]

Organization/Community: [organization/community name to receive the card deck]

I would love to receive a ValuesJam card deck. My/our idea for creating a program for values-led conversations for World Values Day 2024 is:

[insert maximum 300 words]

 Applications will be reviewed for Passion, Plan and Positive Impact so get your message across. Applications to be received by midnight GMT 30th November.

 Good luck!

Festive season gift idea

Wear your values on your sleeve with ValuesJam merchandise. Choose your favourite value on your ValuesJam caps, hoodies and Ts at ValuesJam x ValuesDriven – Values Driven

Fan News

It’s your last chance to join in with some research into what values help most to bring us together in support of World Values Day 2023. Complete the survey before deadline day 31st October 2023 at 

Here’s how it is looking so far:

Send us your selfies with the ValuesJam cards – we’ll feature them every month.

ValuesJam on the Road

ValuesJammer Kimberly Wiefling leads a 7-month global leadership program for a globalizing Japanese company. 24 people from more than 10 different countries gather for 15 days over that period to grow together as leaders and become a truly global team and they were recently in Frankfurt. Kimberly creates a vibrant learning space where the individuals and teams can explore concepts vital to their business success. One of the valuable (did you see what we did there? 😉) activities is creating shared values as a project team. Although there is a language barrier, just pointing Google Translate, in camera mode, at the ValuesJam cards translates the value and the questions on the back into whatever language is selected. This has helped Kimberly cross the language barrier and integrate shared values into her program. She will now be using the ValuesJam cards at every workshop going forward!

““Clarifying shared values among people is crucial to turning a group of people into a true team. The ValuesJam cards and associated exercises provide a highly interactive and engaging way to have this conversation. And using tools like Google Translate in camera mode removes the language barrier, making this exercise accessible across borders and boundaries. So positively powerful!  – Kimberly Wiefling


Pictures of the Values Jam Leadership Card and also the translated version can be found at

This piece gave us the idea to invite your photos of the ValuesJam cards/card decks in different locations throughout 2024.  Get creative and send your pics with location details to  Here’s a starter for ten from Cape Greco, Cyprus.

Favourite Lyrics

Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” – Princess Diana

“Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind.” – Eric Hoffer

Want to know more?

Resources and links relating to Kindness

Workplace Kindness – Featuring Jenny Haase – YouTube


Values Jammer in the Spotlight

Steve Payne is ValuesJammer number 24


Who are you?

Steve Payne, born in Wales, father, actor, explorer and entrepreneur. I train and coach leaders, speakers and communicators and help people to fulfil their personal and professional potential.

 What are your core values? 

Freedom, Variety, Growth, Creativity, Family

 Why did you join the ValuesJam community?

Values are front and centre in the work that I do. This led me to collaborate with Alan Williams on the book, My 31 Practices. When Alan co-founded the ValuesJam community, it was a natural choice to join and help spread the word!

How are you using your ValuesJam card decks? 

I use them as thought-reflectors. I focus on a particular value and ways of living that values that day – much like the philosophy in the My 31 Practices book.

Fave rock n roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session?

I have experienced many of these, both in my work training coaches and in coaching others on values. My fave rock n roll moment is when people start to explore their values and and the penny drops – when they realise the impact their values actually have on their lives and the decisions they make daily. It is always so powerful.

How could more KINDNESS improve the world?

More kindness would change the world enormously. I believe it is important to remember that kindness is more powerful when expressed as a verb, an action. We are kind when we care for ourselves and others. Being kind implies showing consideration and consideration implies understanding and empathy. Understanding and empathy leads to greater rapport and rapport brings us closer together.


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  1. Keep the conversation going on date night
  2. Help someone elicit their values
  3. Show your friends what values you associate with each of them

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