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Saturday 13th November is World Kindness Day

Check out The World Kindness Movement – …we are Kinder

Click here to see a video on Workplace Kindness by ValuesJammer Jenny Haase

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The cards are already in 15 countries and we are on our way to inspiring one million values-led conversations!  How many conversations have you clocked up with your ValuesJam decks??

Our band is ValuesJamming in many different settings including workplaces, family and friendship groups, schools, interviews, date nights,  care homes, youth clubs, community groups.

We’d love to hear where YOU have been playing ValuesJam!


ValuesJammer Top Tips

Did you know you can also use your deck to:

  1. Keep the conversation going on date night
  2. Help someone draw out their values
  3. Show your friends what values vibe they send you

Why not share your top tips for using your ValuesJam card decks?

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From 13th to 29th November here is your opportunity to be kind: minimum order of 2 decks – pass one forward as an act of kindness. We are joining you as well:

For every 10 people that do this we will donate a FREE deck to a good cause – suggestions welcome. ValuesJam decks make great Christmas gifts – just saying!

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Gig reviews

My ValuesJam rock’n’roll moment of magic came towards the end of our World Values Day ValuesJamathon on Clubhouse.  Already enjoying a ValuesJam with the lovely ValuesJammer Patrice (PJ) Jackson, I was blown away when we were joined by a wonderful gentleman from South Sudan and we ValuesJammed about the value ‘Belonging’.  This former refugee ValuesJammer shared how he found true belonging when he returned to his country after years as a refugee.  He is now doing amazing values-led work in many different areas to help people who need it most.

Lisa – aka ValuesJammer2

Did you know 

that it is possible to customise and co-brand the ValuesJam card box with your organization’s logo? To find out more and to register your interest, message us:



We are very proud to be collaborating with our friends at Awaken One Million

Awaken One Million is a global movement focussed on raising the conscious awareness of one million people by 2032 and in so doing, increase the harmony of humanity through the science of fulfilment.

Patrice (PJ) Jackson and her team will be hosting their first annual ValuesJam on Sunday 21st November.  You can register here:

Coming soon – Look out for our exciting collaboration with Values for Fashion

What’s coming up

ValuesJam Founder Member After Party – 18th November – repeated at 0800 and 1700 GMT. This event is invitation only – but Founder Members are welcome to bring a plus-one. Just let us know who you
would like to bring and we will add them to the VIP list!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… ValuesJam decks as festive gifts – what do you think of that? Get your gift decks here:

ValuesJam Founder Member Suzy Beaumont’s week-long ValuesJam series The Value of Love – ValuesJam Conversations with Alan Williams & Suzy Beaumont – YouTube has inspired a 2022 tour of monthly ValuesJam sessions with a guest so if you know people who would be interesting to join us please let us know.

End of year reviews

New Year goals and resolutions…

We are already wondering how many values-led conversations will happen in 2022, how many ValuesJammers will join the band and in how many countries. Is it too ambitious to hope for a ValuesJammer in every single country in the world?

We’d love to hear your ValuesJam New Year resolutions: a ValuesJam each week, signing up new ValuesJammers, sharing your ValuesJam experiences, going on tour….

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”

Princess Diana

Fan News

Send us your selfies with the ValuesJam cards – we’ll feature them every month!

We love this photo of Jenny Haase with one of her decks, which arrived with her on World Kindness Day!

ValuesJammer on Stage

ValuesJammer Nick Foster (Canada)


Who are you?

I blend my 30 years as an executive with 20 years of meditation and esoteric study to illuminate the potential in leaders who want to be more conscious.

What are your core values? My core values: Coaching/Mentoring, Building Trust, Social Responsibility, Generosity

Why did you join the ValuesJam community? 

I love the values of this group and the movement to act on them!

How are you using your ValuesJam card decks?

I am sharing the decks I bought with others, and inspiring more conversations with depth and meaning – genuine connection.

Fave rock’n’roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session:

I had a discussion about honesty with a colleague and sometimes we think “honest” is only in the way we respond, but I realized that honesty starts with the question – and a genuine desire to learn more and to hear the answer. That genuine desire evokes a response – and more likely an “honest” response.

How could more kindness improve the world? 

We can all see toxicity in the way that people interact with each other and when your heart opens and surrounds the toxicity, and you are able to hear your inner voice, the right action – an action that comes from a place of kindness will without a doubt move the situation in a more positive direction.

How can people find out more about your work? Find out here

“Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind.”

Eric Hoffer

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