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The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.

This is a long-established universal website that serves all involved in Peace Day, beginning annually with the 100-day Countdown.

This year is particularly significant: It is the 20th Anniversary of the UN Resolution on the Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace. A/RES/53/243 B

Let us all create Peace Day every day!

UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, delivers his 100-day countdown to the International Day of Peace message.

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Of course we were tempted to post a link to John Lennon’s Imagine this month. Then we found this compilation of the best Peace songs for you to enjoy 27 Best Songs About Peace (All Time Tracks) – Music Grotto 

Studio Highlights

The theme for World Values Day 2022 is Values for Community.

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How about the ValuesJam community collaborating with the Global Poetry Showcase  Send us your poems on the topic of Values for Community and we will register our ValuesJam community and choose 5 poems to be submitted on 23rd September. Or, if you prefer, you can join in with your own community.

ValuesJammer in the Spotlight

Lisa Birtles

We believe that the value of HARMONY is closely related to this month’s theme of PEACE  Co-founder Lisa Birtles is ValuesJammer VJ000002 and has adopted the HARMONY card

Who are you?

Hello!  As well as being ValuesJam co-founder I am also a consultant, coach and mentor specialising in people and business transformation. 

What are your core values?






Why did you join the ValuesJam community?

As a ValuesJam co-founder I didn’t just join the community – I am building and growing it!  I am amazed by the global reach of ValuesJam and the universal acceptance across different cultures.  

How are you using your ValuesJam card decks? 

I use them in three main ways:

  1. With coaching clients  – when they want to get clarity on what’s important to them
  2. With colleagues and business partners – to help us deepen our connection and our understanding and appreciation of each other
  3. With family members – it’s amazing what you DON”T know about those that are closest to you!

Fave rock n roll moment of magic from a ValuesJam session?

My favourite moment was ValuesJamming with my Dad with the prototype deck.  It was a humbling experience as I learned why the value of Generosity is so important to him.  He absolutely embodies it in everything he does and now I understand why.  

Second favourite (sorry!) has to be the moment when one of my oldest friends grabbed the deck out of my hands and went through selecting all the values he associated with me and explaining why with examples from our 20+ years of friendship!

 How could more HARMONY improve the world?

You can only create harmony in music when different voices come together in full trust and understanding and this creates something unique, powerful and beautiful in the moment.  Imagine if we could do that by understanding our fellow humans a little better every day… 

 What drew you to adopt the ValuesJam card HARMONY?

I was very proud to adopt the Harmony card because it is a key part of the ValuesJam vision “To inspire harmony in the world through greater understanding”

You can contact Lisa at:


ValuesJammer Community

ValuesJammer Lissette Noboa is the Founder of VFF (Values for Fashion) an organization that creates awareness about the importance of human values in our life through phrases in your clothing and sponsoring the education and well-being of kids around the world.

Lissette says “Our sole mission is to empower and encourage people to create awareness about the importance of our human values.”

Visit to learn more about our Hero and Values collections.

 Instagram: @VFF_org

Facebook: @VFForg

ValuesJam is thrilled to be partnering with VFF to create a ValuesJam range where you can choose the value you want to feature on your hoodie, T-shirt or cap. Here is a taster: 

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