“A playful card game that connects people through values-led conversation”

The Game

The ValuesJam deck has 60 values cards with a set of fun and insightful questions to guide the conversation.  The values set is based on the highly respected Barrett Values Centre Personal Values Assessment and other recognised values models.

ValuesJamming is about the players: friends and family, school & community groups, team members, coaching conversations, consultants/facilitators and even therapists!  Everybody can play and in all sorts of settings (or on different stages!).

There are some basic guidelines and you have the freedom to follow the vibe. For some gigs you might feel that you want more of a structure and direction and this is fine too.

Feedback from ValuesJam Founder Members who have played has been amazing:

“ValuesJam cards will be a fun and impactful tool for those wanting to: expand their understanding of “self” and “other;” build bridges and increase collaboration; explore their personal and company values; and deepen relationships.”

“What an incredibly powerful and fun way to disrupt the mundane way we usually see, think and talk about values.”

“A great way for employees to feel a sense of belonging to the whole organization and connection with each other, irrespective of geography.”

Get Started

It is quite simple to play. Just pick a values card (by choice or at random), start with the first question on the reverse and see where the conversation takes you. You can use none, some or all of the other questions and before you move on to another card, make sure to ask the final question. Be open, honest, respectful, kind and curious.  Above all, listen and feel the vibe – every card is different. There are no right or wrong answers. Just share your stories and go with the flow. It’s also OK “not to know” yet. If that’s the case, see what ideas are sparked by listening to the other ValuesJammer(s). You can play with as many cards as you like. It depends how much time you have and how much fun you are having.

The initial deck is in English and we are already exploring opportunities for ValuesJam in several different languages. You can also produce ValuesJam card decks with your company logo on the box.


“Even the Rolling Stones practice.” Alan Williams


You will have noticed that a ValuesJam language is already developing and here is a guide:


ValuesJam – a playful card game which connects people through values-led conversation

ValuesJammer – somebody who plays the ValuesJam card game

ValuesJamming – playing the ValuesJam game

ValuesJam Founder Member – the first ValuesJammers who sign up before 31st October 2021

ValuesJammer band – the ValuesJammer community as a whole

ValuesJam stage – any place where ValuesJam is played eg home, club, church, office, factory, bar/restaurant


We also like a lot of the language you hear in music circles because of the connection with a music jam eg vibe, play, tune, track, riff, set, gig etc