Research tells us that we underestimate how much value people attach to being reached out to by colleagues and friends.  This effect has only been magnified with people being together less often over the last two years. Showing appreciation to clients for their business or employees or service partners for the job they have done need not be extravagant or expensive to create a positive impact. A thoughtful corporate gift is a highly cost effective way to show your gratitude.  

Any gift given by a company to its employees, customers/clients or service partners can be considered a corporate gift. It’s a tried-and-tested way of honouring an important relationship. It should be a thoughtful token that is general enough in nature and yet feel sufficiently personal.  The idea is to create a positive response, to make the recipient feel valued and appreciated and to build or strengthen connection between people.

Physical gifts are more memorable (and personal) than anything digital and it is great if you can find something that ‘stands out’. Lasting impressions lead to positive emotions about you and your brand, helping to instil goodwill and loyalty.

Here are some of the reasons why the ValuesJam card decks are becoming a sought after gift and ideas about how you can use them:

Timeless quality impresses

If you are making a gesture, follow up with an item worthy of the way your company feels. The ValuesJam card decks look and feel great to hold and can provide endless hours of fun and intrigue on an ongoing basis.  The recipient might use them to ValuesJam with family members and friends or colleagues at work.  You could even set up a regular ValuesJam with the recipient (in person or on Zoom) to deepen your personal connection. Some other corporate gifts never see the light of day after they’ve been received and others are ‘consumed’ in an instant.

Emotion trumps transactions

Values is a topic that is important at a personal level to everybody, irrespective of background, role or seniority. Everybody will think well of you for this gift. And it demonstrates so much more thoughtfulness than a bottle of wine or a gift voucher!

Make it personal

You can add a personal touch whatever your budget: we offer a discreet co-branded box service for larger orders; you can put a handwritten note in with the box, or even a surprise post it note and message inside the box to be discovered; we also encourage a ‘pass it forward’ philosophy in the ValuesJam band so you could send two ValuesJam card decks with a note for the recipient to think about who they are going to pass forward one deck to.

Appreciation not Promotion

This about showing gratitude to them, not promoting you/your product and services. Save the promotion for another time.

Value for money

Compare the cost of a couple of ValuesJam card decks to the value of a corporate client, the salary of an employee or the value of a service partner contract. It’s a no brainer.

In the run up to the Festive season (1 November – 20 December) we are offering a special offer for minimum orders of 10 ValuesJam card decks at a unit price of £25 using the promo code GIFT£25. You can decide on your gift list now, get budget approval and place your pre-orders at